A Tradition is Born!  
More than six centuries ago the festivities of St George and the Dragon came into being. It has become one of the most important event of life in Mons. Was there a Dragon, a Princess, a courageous Knight? That is the marvelous legend.
La fête du Doudou à Mons
A little more than half a century ago, Mons was liberated not from a dragon but from German Occupation. Young men coming from over the ocean brought Liberty back to Mons…and Europe. In 1944 the citizens of Mons discovered the knight of the 20th century, their Jeeps and tanks. The Stuart Tank "Fish and Chips" entered the Legend. It was the first armored vehicle to liberate the City of the Dragon. It is just coming back from the States where it had achieved a long trek to salute his commander Major Tucker and other American WWII veterans. The Stuart had destroyed the Nazi monster. It was again the Victory of the Good on the Bad. It is the same story. With olive-drab knights and steel armored horses.
The WWII tanks will run on the maneuver site of the Belgian Army located at the Bois Brűlé, near Mons. It is the most important concentration of WWII tanks in the world. More than one hundred WWII vehicles will be exhibited, a WWII US bivouac will be reenacted. The best opportunity for WWII collectors and scale models collectors to see, examine, study and admire what they have always dreamed of. That from 8:00 in the morning till late at night.